Leveraging real estate to build the life of your dreams, with Gary Spencer-Smith

Episode 51:

Gary Spencer-Smith is an English born Canadian resident, who has developed a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio, and has gone on to build a coaching program to teach people what is possible in real estate. I’ve always been fascinated by the opportunities this business gives us…the opportunity to earn healthy revenue and create our own schedules. And then what? What do we do with the income we generate? How do we put our money to work, and build wealth that lasts, so we don’t have to stay on the hamster wheel forever (even when we LOVE what we do!) In this interview, you’ll be inspired to dream a bit bigger…and more importantly…to inspire your clients to dream bigger! Success in this business isn’t built on transactions only. It’s built on the value we provide our clients, the guidance, the trust…that’s what keeps them coming back and referring us to friends and family. Our job is to make an IMPACT on our clients’ lives…whether we’re helping them achieve their lifestyle dreams through homeownership, or we’re educating them on all the ways we can leverage our real estate investments to achieve financial freedom! I hope you enjoy hearing from Gary as much as I did!

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