Kelly Resendez

Episode 212: A Deep Dive on the Power of Mindset to Change Your Life with Kelly Resendez

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Listen in as Erin and Kelly discuss:

  • How a customer who walked into the bank Kelly had been working at for 16 years changed everything and then 13 years ago she made another pivot while at the top of her game 
  • How Kelly’s mom getting sick set her on a path of getting present and prioritizing her emotional and physical wellbeing
  • How Kelly’s theme of the year for 2007 supported her in continuing to build throughout 2008
  • Incorporating strong boundaries such as sending all calls to voicemail in order to keep focus
  • The power of identifying your own human capacity through an abundance audit
  • The number one way we self-sabotage and what to do instead
  • How to reframe the notion of “problems” and eliminating certain negative words creates a much different experience
  • …and so much more!


Kelly Resendez is a writer, speaker, Executive at GoodLeap, co-owner of GoBundance women, and founder of Big Voices — a women empowered network. She is the author of the best seller Big Voices and Foundation to Sustainable Success. Her mission is to help others increase joy, reduce self-suffering and learn to think differently so you can live an authentic and extraordinary life. She is the mother of two amazing kids and lives in Granite Bay, Ca.

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