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Episode 210: How a Tragedy Triggered Transformation and the Path to Early Financial Independence with Diana Ossa and Josh Dobken

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Listen in as Diana and Josh share:

  • How each of their father’s passings triggered transformation and a life change
  • How Diana was able to leave her W-2 job in a few short years
  • How, when the real estate industry changed, Josh and Diana pivoted and found ways to use their skills in ways adjacent to real estate that still help them get to their goals
  • How they embrace an attitude of constant learning in order to consistently move forward
  • …and so much more!

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About Diana Ossa and Josh Dobken

Diana and Josh — We are Architects, Designers, Construction Managers, Real Estate Investors and Mid-Term Rental Hosts! Together, we have 15+ years of experience in the architecture and construction industries. We invest in value add opportunities where we can use our design expertise to maximize our return on investment. Additionally, we co-host 30 Mid-Term Rentals across multiple states for other Real Estate Investors!


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