Croix Sather

Episode 220: Unstoppable: How to Be, Do or Have Anything You Want with Croix Sather

Croix Sather

Listen in as Croix and I discuss:

  • How surviving a near death experience changed his future
  • The question to ask when you’re coming out of the chaos
  • The turning point where Croix left his carpentry career
  • All the ways we can learn and grow
  • How the faster we can get to the next level, the faster we can move beyond current limitations
  • Being forced to look into things due to a life trauma (divorce, medical issues, financial devastation) in order to come out the other side
  • … and much more

Croix Sather

About Croix Sather

What if you were UNSTOPPABLE? Unstoppable means to have the mental strength, focus and discipline to achieve any goal. How different would life be? What goals would you achieve? Who would you be?

Croix Sather shares his story about becoming Unstoppable with a run across America. Almost 3,000 miles, running a marathon a day for 100 days from California to New York City. Plus, he gave an inspirational presentation each day to at-risk audiences.

Even more shocking, he was not a runner just one year earlier.

That’s the power of an unstoppable mind.

The reason we don’t achieve our biggest goals and dreams is not a lack of ability, education or experience… it’s a mindset programming problem that shows up as doubt, resistance, procrastination, and busy work.

Learn what it takes to be UNSTOPPABLE with a simple, proven ritual that creates an unstoppable mind and an unstoppable life.

Croix Sather — Author, TEDx speaker, Transformation performance coach

2,621 mile run across America

146-mile world record run, non-stop through Death Valley in 117 degrees.

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