Goal Setting


Better results start with a plan. Many of these resources were shared with me in 2011, and came from a website called www.MakingBetterHappen.com I’ve since tweaked the process to better fit my needs, and this is the resulting system I’ve used over the past few years to set goals, create a business/life plan, and see consistent and predictable GROWTH! I hope it helps you as it’s helped me!

Grab a pen and paper and start free writing, using these questions as your guide:

  1. What are the 5 of the Greatest Happenings of the last year?
  2. What are 3 new things I learned or did in the last year?
  3. What 3 new relationships did I develop in the last year?
  4. What 3 existing relationships did I deepen in the last year?
  5. Have I been persistent in following through on my plans?
  6. If I could go back and do it again, what are 3 things I would’ve done differently?
  7. What books did I read in the last year?
  8. Is there someone I need to contact and thank?
  9. Is there someone I need to contact and make amends to?
  10. What’s the biggest risk taken in the last year, and if none, what held me back?
  11. What’s the smartest decision I made in the last year?
  12. What’s one word that sums up the last year?
  13. What do I need to KEEP doing in the next year?
  14. What do I need to START doing?
  15. What do I need to STOP doing?
  16. 3 great things about my home and where I live are:
  17. 3 great things about where I work and what I do for a living are:
  18. 3 great gifts of unique talent and skill I’ve been given are:
  19. Am I missing anything in my life that’s important to me?
  20. What is it about my career that makes me feel trapped?
  21. What realistic changes can I make in how I run my business to experience more freedom?
  22. What must I personally do that cannot be delegated to anyone else?
  23. Am I living a balanced life?
  24. How much money is enough, and if I have more than enough, what am I doing with the excess?


Choose 3 words that represent your goals for the next year. These words can represent the mindset it will take to achieve them, the environment, the mood, etc. The words should give you a huge picture, not a small one. Some of the words I’ve used are Receive, Abundance, Teach, Delegate, Ask, Process, Breathe, Balance, Inspire, etc.


Map out your vision for your life and business. By this time next year, I am ________, I have ________, I will _________, etc. Questions to you ask yourself:

  • What type of clients do I want?
  • Who will support me?
  • Who are my ideal colleagues and referral partners?
  • Why do people work with me?
  • What sets me apart from the rest?
  • What do people say about me?
  • How do I treat my clients and team members?


Now, take a few minutes to write out some specific goals in the following areas, using these Thought Starters to help you:

Business: grow purchase business, build a team, recruiting, brand reputation, customer satisfaction, new skills, find a mentor, mentor someone else, etc. (No filter on this!)

Financial: income, savings, total net worth, begin investing, pay off debt, buy a home, save for college, set up trust/estate, etc.

Physical: ideal weight, run marathon, increase flexibility, elevate energy, reduce cholesterol, start meditating, go to bed earlier/wake earlier, etc.

Mental: read 30 minutes a day, listen to educational podcasts, go to seminars, hire a coach, build new skills, etc

Family: spend more time with family, be home for dinner every night, read to my kids every night, date night with spouse once a week, visit parents twice a year, forgive or make amends with a relative, attract Mr. or Mrs. Right, plan vacations with family, etc

Lifestyle: travel, adventure, luxuries, languages, hobbies, instruments, where you want to live, how you want to live, how you want your home, who you want to meet, etc.

Now, you should have a few pages of notes. Take out a pen or highlighter, and read through the pages, and identify the actionable items. This will help you identify your goals, values and mission for the next year!

Specific goals could include:

  • Total volume/sales for the year
  • Average sales price
  • Number of units (listings/purchases)
  • Number of meetings with A+ referral partners per week
  • What behaviors/actions do I need to have on a daily/weekly basis?

TOP TEN GOALS: from the notes, identify your top ten goals for the next year.

And from the top ten, identify your TOP 3 GOALS:

  1. ___________________________________________________________
  2. ___________________________________________________________
  3. ___________________________________________________________