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pursuing freedom

I'm obsessed with helping real estate professionals build a life they don't need a vacation from by creating predictable growth in their business while having fun & staying true to their authentic selves.


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The Pursuing Freedom Tribe of All Stars is a monthly mastermind event hosted on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 10 AM-12 PM MT.

One of our rockstar guests from my podcast will join me to teach a masterclass designed to help you customize your business to design the life you've always wanted

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In addition to our monthly mastermind with the Pursuing Freedom All Stars, where you get to hang out with the best in the business, ask them questions, and elevate yourself through a community of freedom seekers, your membership includes the following:

  • Access to the online course ($997 value)
  • Access to the virtual mid-year review of lifestyle design plan ($297 value)
  • Discounted rates on first annual in-person Lifestyle Design conference and retreat ($297 value, locations TBD)
  • Access to a growing library of resources and recorded trainings
  • Connections with a growing Tribe of heart-centered business professionals!

When you show up for the hangouts, engage and ask questions, you'll gain the following from your membership:

  • Increased confidence
  • Clarity around your vision and core values
  • Purposeful business plan
  • A specific action plan to help you build the business of YOU
  • Powerful connections
  • Elevated belief around your true potential
  • Motivation to create your dream life
  • Increased energy, happiness, and productivity
  • Financial growth
  • Freedom, as you define it

What People Are Saying:

Erin is true to her mission of Pursuing Freedom and she is committed to sharing her insightful ideas so others can achieve their goals, too! Her Mastermind group has really helped me dial in my business and to focus on the things that make the biggest impact. Erin's sincerity shows in every interaction, she really cares for her people and pushed me to do greater things and held me accountable. I highly recommend it to everyone interested in having a better business AND creating the freedom to enjoy life.

Julie W.

Erin gives you a simple strategy for building your own Tribe, based on providing value to the people in your ever-growing, community of clients, friends, and service providers, creating a 'love fest' of referrals, not by 'selling' but by being the most valuable resource in your community.

Steve B